Three Things You Need to Know Now About VA Loans

Right now in San Diego County, active-duty members of the military as well as veterans have extraordinary home-buying opportunities. Check out my video below, where Lynn Schuler, Senior Loan Officer of Movement Mortgage, and I discuss VA Loans and the benefits military members receive for serving our country. Veterans and active members, know the three most important things about VA Loans so you can take advantage of what you have earned!

•Active-duty members of the military or veterans can purchase a home up to $562,350 with no down payment.

•Veterans can buy a home for the cost of an appraisal, or $450, if the loan is structured correctly.

•Interest rates are lower than conventional financing typically by a 1/4 of a percent, currently in the mid 3’s.

Use your benefits! To learn more about VA Loans or standard home-buying, contact me, your California Real Estate Lady, by calling (858) 848-7555 or e-mailing!

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