The Three Controls of Selling Real Estate

When selling your home, there are three things we as sellers control that affect the price you can sell for in any given market, and are the direct result of the buyer’s experience. These controls include availability, conduction, and price.

Best Price

With me as your agent, we can achieve the maximum exposure possible through an available agent, continuous communication, and the use of selling tools such as open houses and even lockboxes. If there is a buyer who is interested, we will find a way to accommodate them. Ensuring a large amount of eyes see the property increases the chances of finding a likely buyer.


The second is the condition. With my knowledge and expertise in staging, I can have your home in the best condition imaginable, no matter if it’s occupied or vacant. Emphasizing a homes’ space while keeping it cozy allows buyers to picture a seamless transition into their future abode.

The final control is the price. It is important to understand the market value of your home as it truly is, and that takes an agent with expertise such as myself. When pricing a property accurately, interest in it increases, and again, makes it more desirable for buyers.

Dream Home

The end goal is to have multiple offers to choose from, allowing you to sell your home for the maximum price in any given market. By creating the best possible experience for potential buyers, the chances of doing this is significantly increased. I would love to discuss with you your opinion of these controls, feel free to leave a comment. If you have any questions about your home, contact me, your California Real Estate expert, by e-mailing or calling (858) 848-7555!

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