How To Buy With Low Inventory

There are many facts and conditions that come into play when buying a home, and low inventory in the market is certainly a common condition that can make being a home quite difficult. The good news is there are strategies experienced agents can employ to help get the job done. Low inventory doesn’t always mean higher prices and more demand if your agent is an expert in three major areas. The three most important things that your your agent must help you to have is a large network of connections, creative searching, and preparedness when making an offer.

Many agents believe they are connected when they post a property to MLS. This however should be the very bare minimum an agent does for their client. Using an agent’s network of connections can help you reach maximum exposure. The second is an agent who is creative.


Finding homes and negotiating the best prices, from builder flips to FSBO’s, can also be the trick to finding a steal. If your agent is knowledgeable and able to target neighborhoods with the best properties available on the market, dream homes can become reality for low prices. The final is to have clean offers. When buying a home, preparation is also a significant factor. Being pre-approved for a loan and having no pending contingencies are just a few examples of ways you can make your offer the best it possibly can be.

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